Dan Li

Monash University

Dan Li

Rethinking the challenges in supercapacitors: What makes graphene exceptional?


Dan Li

Monash Centre for Atomically Thin Materials, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC 3800, Australia

Email: dan.li2@monash.edu



On the basis of our recent research on graphene-based soft materials, this talk will present our personal perspectives on the following questions: (1) What really dictates the performance of a supercapacitor? (2) What are the intrinsic limitations of the traditional porous carbon materials for application in supercapacitors? (3) What makes graphene unique for use as electrodes in supercapacitors? (4) Future opportunities.



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Bio: Dr Dan Li is currently a professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Monash University, Australia and the co-Director of Monash Centre for Atomically Thin Materials. He received his PhD degree in Materials Physics and Chemistry from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in 1999. After several years as a Research Fellow at Nanjing University of Science and Technology, University of Washington, University of California Los Angles, and University of Wollongong, he joined Monash University as an associate professor in 2008 and was promoted to full professor in 2012. He received the ARC Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship in 2006, the Scopus Young Researcher of the Year Award (Engineering and Technology) in 2010, ARC Future Fellowship in 2011, Deans Award for Excellence in Research in 2012. He was named in the list of Thomson ReutersHighly Cited Researchers in the category of Materials Science in 2014-16. His current research interests are centred on synthesis and properties of graphene-based soft materials and their applications in energy storage and conversion, membrane separation, sensing, nanoionics and environmental protection.


Web: https://www.monash.edu/atomically-thin-materials