Kaihui Liu

Peking University

Kaihui Liu

Interfacial Engineering in GrapheneGrowth

Kaihui Liu

School of Physics, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China

Email: khliu@pku.edu.cn


Graphene single crystal has become a promising material for next generation electronics and optoelectronics. Unfortunately we cant grow the 12-inchesgraphene single-crystal wafer as we can do in silicon industry. In this talk I will introduce the ways towards large single-crystal graphene growth in our groupby interfacial engineering techniques[1].



Xiaozhi Xu, Zhihong Zhang, Dapeng Yu, Enge Wang, Feng Ding*, Hailin Peng*, Kaihui Liu*,et al.Ultrafast Growth of Single-crystal Graphene Assisted by a Continuous Oxygen Supply, Nature Nanotechnology2016, 11, 930

Bio: Dr. Kaihui Liu got his bachelor degree from Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China in 2004 and his ph. D degree from Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China. After that he worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Department of Physics, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, USA. In 2014,he joined Peking University as the National Thousand Youth Talents Plan Professor of China.

Dr. Kaihui Lius main research interests are the novel physical phenomena and controllable growth in nanoscale structures, especially in 1D carbon nanotubes and 2D graphene. He developed an advanced single nano-object level in-situ Nano-optics + TEM technique,andin-situ Nano-optics + CVD technique to study structure-dependentphysics and growth mechanism at nano scale. He has published more than 60 scientific journals, including first-authored or correspondence-authored Nature Nanotechnology (3), Nature Physics, Nature Communications (3), PNAS, JACS (2), Advanced Materials, Nano Letters, and ACS Nano.



Web: http://www.phy.pku.edu.cn/~khliu/home.html