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Ou Mao

Carbon Nanotubeand Graphene Materials as Conductive Additive inLi-Ion Batteries


Ou MaoMeijie Zhang and Tao Zheng

CnanoZhenjiangTechnology Limited, Zhengjiang, Jiangsu, China


The emerge of new forms of carbon nanomaterials, such as the 1-Dcarbon nanotubes (CNT) and the 2-Dgraphene-like material (GLM), has spurred widespread efforts to explore real-world applications of those materials. Cnano has pioneered the new generation of conductive additivesbased onCNTand GLM for industrial applications, in particular, in the field of lithium ion batteries. It is found that they can bring several significant performance improvements of lithium ion batteries in a synergetic and cost effective manner. They are therefore increasingly adopted by battery developers and manufacturers as the new generation of conductive, functional additive for high end battery applications, such as in electric vehicles, smartphones and other high drain devices. We present the latest investigationon the fundamental and practical factorsthat affect the effective usageof suchnew carbon nanomaterials and the performance improvement in the lithium batteries.



Bio: Dr. Ou Mao got his M.S. at the Institute of Solid State Physics, CAS and Ph. D degree in physics from McGill University, Canada. He also conducted research in RIKEN,Japan and at the Advanced Battery Lab at Dalhousie University led by Prof. Jeff Dahn.  He has more than 20 year multi-national experience in R&D with various technical and management roles in world class institutions and companies, including Johnson Controls’ battery division, Duracell, Silicon-Valley startup and current Cnano Technology Ltd.  Dr. Mao has published 40 technical papers and is co-inventors of over 20 patents in USA and China, and numerous pending patents.